“For a gardener, there truly isn’t a season in which a seed of some kind cannot be planted. Whether we are in the fields or the greenhouses, or sprouting plants on a sunny kitchen windowsill, there is always room to grow.” – Evan Woods, Head Gardener, Primo


As a lifelong “outdoor enthusiast”, it is hard for Evan to recall a time in his life where his hands did not bare the earthy evidence of a day spent outside. His interest in science and nature fueled many an hour of independent study in biology, horticulture and botany. “Something is always changing and there is always something to learn”. This curiosity continued to grow and eventually became the pursuit of Evans higher education.


Evan began his professional gardening career immediately following his graduation from Albion College with an esteemed apprenticeship at Blue Dog Family Farm in Battle Creek, Michigan. Here his knowledge and genuine fervor for gardening continued to gain momentum with the seeding of various summer vegetables and greenhouse plant bed preparation.  “It is always rewarding to watch something grow, something that you care for and tend to for the entirety of its life”.  


Having lived in six different states across the US, Evan has been exposed to numerous climates and growing styles which has further shaped his well-rounded knowledge of farm management. In 2014, Evan worked under Head Chef Frank Mcclelland at Apple Street Farm in Essex, Massachusetts and a deeper love of New England took root. In the spring of 2015 we welcomed this dynamic, curious, dedicated individual to Primo and look forward to all he will bring to our farm, to our family and to our future.